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July Board meeting highlights
Published on: 7/16/2019
Here are a few notable items from the recent board meeting
- We will be attending the Naperville Rotary Ride as a club. We would like to find some NBC members who are also rotarians to help with a meeting place.
- The board has a proposal for Club Bylaws updates. Stay tuned for the official final draft for your consideration.
- Some new surveys will be coming out on a variety of topics. Please help us out by replying when the arrive.
- We have started the process to get a new round of Jerseys made. Our intention is to use the current design again.
Published on: 4/10/2019
Yes, this site is now fully live. Member logins should be available shortly.

Filling out the site will be an interactive process, so check back here frequently!
New Club Website in prototyping
Published on: 3/25/2019
You can see from this very page that we almost have a new website set up using ClubExpress as our service.