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What do you do?
We ride bikes. We also like to get together for social gatherings, particularly when food is involved. Our unofficial motto is "Ride to Eat – Eat to Ride!"
What does it cost to join?
Please see our "Become a Member" section.
What do I get from my Membership?
  • Proactive notification of calendar event creation (and cancellation)
  • Ability to create your own ride on the club calendar for others to join
  • Use the club calendar to see what rides or major events are occurring on certain days or times
  • Defray the cost of the web provider for our internet presence
  • Supplemental casualty and liability insurance
  • Other software and services for managing finances
  • Community and Advocacy support such as “Ride Illinois”
  • Rentals for club activities such as the Pavilion at Whalon Lake
  • Any extra funds are used to support charity activities

How do I renew my membership?
Your membership becomes active upon receipt of dues from the web signup page. Memberships run for the 365 days following your activation date.
How do I get on the NBC email list?
NBC uses Google Groups as an email "exploder".  Once we have received your membership application and payment, our Membership Director will add you to our email list. See our Contacts section for contacting our Membership Director, for any reason.
Do I have to raise money or contribute to anything else?
No. We'd like you to ride with us, and joining the club doesn't obligate you to anything
Must I live in Naperville?
No, we have members from all over the place, even other states and countries!
What type of riding does the club do?

Road riding, gravel & rail-trailsy, and mountain bikes. It's a rather diverse group. Since there are a number of rides per week in-season, there's usually one or more that will fit your speed and distance preferences.  Speeds are based on "pace" which is riding on paved, flat ground with no wind.  Surface conditions, weather, wind, and stops can make for average speeds much lower than pace.

Pace Definitions:

  • Slow <=10 mph
  • Easy 11-13 mph
  • Moderate 14-16 mph
  • Fast 17-19 mph
  • Blur 20+  (check with the ride leader on expectations)

The pace is shows on the calendar color coded.  See the "Legend" for more information.

What type of bike will I need?
It all depends on the type of ride. For a long and/or fast road ride a road bike (racing style) bike is probably best. For the Moderate or Easy rides, a cross or mountain bike should also work out. Some of our rides are on the prairie path. You'll need a bike that can handle the crushed limestone surface.
I'm just a beginner. Should I ride with a group yet?
Look for slow to easy rides in the calendar.  Also look for short rides.  
Where do the rides start?
We have many ride start locations. Please refer to our Ride Calendar for locations and times.
Can I try a ride or two without joining?
Sure! Ride, chat, go out to dinner with us afterwards, and then decide. Of course, we'd hope you join sometime soon there after.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes. You must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet on all club rides.  No exceptions.
Is this a social group, or is it just bike riding?
We're a social group with a bike riding problem. We eat a lot too, which forces us to ride off the pounds.
Is there a minimum age?
Yes, 18. Those under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.