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Election 2023 is upon us! Your community may have elections shortly. 

Here are a few talking points for you to ask candidates. These are just suggestions, so feel free to customize.

Please ask candidates:

  1. How they can improve the safety of the three most dangerous intersections for cycling/walking. For example in Naperville according to the Police Department: Royce and Washington, Ring and Washington, Hobson and Washington are dangerous intersections
  2. If they support City investment in creating and/or updating a bicycle plan. For example the 2006 Naperville plan can be found at bicycle plan.
  3. If they support investment in real bicycle lanes.
  4. If they support investment in safety programs for all including cycling, walking and driving. 
  5. Do they support retaining, restoring, or becoming a Bicycling Friendly Community? Naperville once was and let its certification lapse.

Please make your voice be heard! Make our voice be heard! 

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Some of the services provided to paid members of the club:

  • Proactive notification of calendar event creation (and cancellation)
  • Ability to create your own ride on the club calendar for others to join
  • Use the club calendar to see what rides or major events are occurring on certain days or times
  • Defray the cost of the web provider for our internet presence
  • Supplemental casualty and liability insurance
  • Other software and services for managing finances
  • Community and Advocacy support such as “Ride Illinois”
  • Rentals for club activities such as the Pavilion at Whalon Lake
  • Any extra funds are used to support charity activities

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