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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.

Ride Leader

Club members interested in leading rides. This includes posting rides to the event calendar and being the coordinator of the event

Ride Speeds

Interests by various ride speeds

Ride Types

This is the type of riding you like to do. Multiple selections are accepted (and good!)

Ride Lengths

Rides of various lengths. Obviously length is quite different from speed and you can have very slow riders willing to travel longer distances or sprinters that just want short, quick intensive rides.

Ride Elevation

This allows you to choose the types of elevation gains. Combined with length you get an idea of beginner, casual, restricted riding ability and the avid, skilled, endurance cyclist. There is a lot of variability here in terms of length + grade (category climbs) and a rider should always review any posted events. A "Flat" rider can almost certainly still deal with a couple 100 yards of a 6% grade if there are only 1-2 over an entire route.