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What is the NBC? We (the Naperville Bicycle Club) are a community cycling club devoted to social and recreational riding. Our membership is open to anyone interested in the sport of bicycling.
What do you do? We ride bikes. We also like to get together for social gatherings, particularly when food is involved. Our unofficial motto is "Ride to Eat – Eat to Ride!"
What does it cost to join? Please see our "Become a Member" section.
How do I become a member or renew my membership? Please visit our "Become a Member."
When must I pay for or renew my membership? Your membership becomes active any time upon receipt of dues. Our membership year begins on March 31. If you join or renew between March 31 and November 1, your membership is paid up until March 31 of the next calendar year. Renewals for the membership year must be paid by March 31. If you join or renew between November 1 and March 31, your membershipcarries over until March 31 of the following membership year. In other words, if you join on November 1, you get the benefits of club membership for 17 full months! Such a deal!
How do I get on the NBC email list? Once we have received your membership application and payment, our Membership Director will add you to our email list. See our Contacts section for contacting our Membership Director, for any reason.
Do I have to raise money or contribute to anything else? No. We'd like you to ride with us, and joining the club doesn't obligate you to anything.
Must I live in Naperville? No, we have members from all over the place, even other states.
How often do you have rides? Almost every day during the warmer months. Though we ride year-round.
How do I post a Club Ride? Posting a club ride is easy, once you're logged into the NBC Member area. Nonetheless, you can download the instructions below. If you still have questions, please contact the NBC webmaster.
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What type of riding does the club do? Road riding mostly, but we mountain bike too. It's a rather diverse group. Since there are a number of rides per week in-season, there's usually one or more that will fit your speed and distance preferences.
How far and how fast does the club ride? That really depends on our rides, see below:
Easy rides: 11-13mph, distance to be determined by ride leader.
Moderate rides: 14-16mph, distance to be determined by ride leader.
Fast rides: 17-19mph, distance to be determined by ride leader.
Blur rides: Average mph can and will be 20 plus or more.

There are also much longer rides as well, during normal riding season. 100 miles or more.
What type of bike will I need? It all depends on the type of ride. For a long and/or fast road ride a road bike (racing style) bike is probably best. For the Moderate or Easy rides, a cross or mountain bike should also work out. Some of our rides are on the prairie path. You'll need a bike that can handle the crushed limestone surface.
I'm just a beginner. Should I ride with a group yet? Our Monday rides are sometimes a slower-pace. Though check the Ride Calendar for details.
I do road racing. Are there training rides for that? We don't have a race training program, but some weekly rides are plenty fast! For example our Blur rides.
What about true off-road dirt riding? Do you guys do that? Yes, if you mean Mountain Biking (MTB), see our MTB section.
What about BMX and freestyle riding? Sorry.
Where do the rides start? We have many ride start locations. Please refer to our Ride Calendar for locations and times.
Is there a destination for these rides? Each ride leader has their own favorites. From Naperville, most leaders aim their group southwest, and then back. The ride destinations are as diverse as the creativity of our ride leaders - that keeps it more interesting. Quite often, when a ride finishes, we'll end up at a restaurant or a bar for the socializing, in case we don't get enough of that on the ride.
Do you ride all year? Absolutely! We try to have rides year-round. Currently we are starting winter rides at members houses, often followed by a toe-warming social gathering. You can look for these rides on the calendar.
Can I try a ride or two without joining? Sure! Ride, chat, go out to dinner with us afterwards, and then decide. Of course, we'd hope you join sometime soon there after.
Do I have to wear a helmet? Yes. You must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet on all club rides.
Do you ever have multiple day trips away from the area? We have several per year. Tucson, New Glarus, WI, Ride to the Border (WI), Door County, WI to name a few. These often include camping.
How many members are in the club? About a 175.
What is the age range? Young 20's to 70's. The average is probably about 38.
Are there many single members? Yes. Bike clubs seem to attract single people. We are proud to say there have been at least 4 successful marriages thus far, and 2 more couples are engaged.
Is this a social group, or is it just bike riding? We're a social group with a bike riding problem. We eat a lot too, which forces us to ride off the pounds.
Does each member of my family have to join separately? Not unless they want to. All members of a family at one address can enjoy the benefits of the club with one family membership.
Is there a minimum age? Yes, 18. Those under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Why should I join the Naperville Bicycle Club and not another? Actually, many of our members also have affiliations with other clubs and biking organizations. They enjoy their Naperville memberships due to the friendships, social activities, as well as geographic convenience.
What is the history of the club? In 1984 three friends decided that Naperville should have a bike club. One of them worked for the Park District, our original affiliation and namesake. In 2002 we had a separation from said Park District, and re-formed as a not-for-profit corporation.
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